Monica Looze is a design strategist whose methodology is informed by experience with interaction design, service design, and anthropology. Seemingly disparate career experiences in the wedding industry and anthropology provide her with unique perspectives on intuitive design, processes, and the space between what people think they do and what they actually do. She likes digging deep in nebulous problem spaces and asking difficult questions while always keeping people in the foreground.

Monica currently works at Artefact in Seattle as a design strategy apprentice, and prior to joining Artefact, she designed services in the financial sector at Adaptive Path. She also holds her MA in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University and her bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of Minnesota. Her floral work has been featured on Style me Pretty and Buzzfeed, and in Wisconsin Bride Magazine and Minnesota Bride Magazine. 

She can also be found hanging out with her giant tuxedo cat, getting lost in farmers markets with her husband, talking about antimicrobial resistance, experimenting with modernist cuisine.

And, here's her CV.