designing a better flower shop

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Flower studios that specialize in events and weddings are, by nature, stressful places. Working with perishable products, strict deadlines, and expectations of perfection often lead to chaos and working unreasonable hours. Purchasing flowers for multiple weddings is an endeavor that is never perfect. Shipping problems, availability, seasonality, and diseased or old product are issues faced every week, and stakes are high in the wedding industry, so it is important to have a system in place that increases the likelihood of a positive outcome. The wedding season lasts for six months, so with limited resources, we packed in a year's worth of business into that short amount of time. This meant that employees were required to stay until midnight and work unreasonably long hours for the whole week,.The floral industry also has the unfortunate black mark of being responsible for high waste and negative environmental impacts. In short, the system we were all living within was unsustainable. I wanted to design a system that would alleviate some of the burdens associated with the industry.

Prompt: Design a visual communication system to help raise HPV vaccination rates in Allegheny County.

With Tyler Barry | daffodil*parker Madison, WI | Excel, Illustrator, InDesign


Understanding the Problem

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A week of ordering at daffodil*parker

After observing the system at daffodil*parker for approximately one month, I uncovered several key insights and pain points.

Low-Quality Product

Information was too Diffuse



Domino effect

Wasted Product



Because of systems-level interdependencies, I realized that improving the way we ordered flowers could also improve the morale of individuals, work-life-balance, ease frustrations, and and reduce errors. The current system was the fatal flaw that led to a host of other problems. The Wholesaler shipping schedule, their email habits, our email and communication habits, and other things all contributed to this workflow. We were missing deadlines to get fresh flowers directly from the farms, which was contributing to poor quality (and more time spent waiting for new flowers) and higher prices.


I knew the key to solving our problems was to create a system that 



A large excel tempalte served as the locus for all flower ordering, as well as designating a single person to be the buyer. Because we didn't have access to software developers or a large budget to purchase software, this was the best option given the constraints. 

wholesaler list.png

Individual recipe for each wedding, containing the name of the bride, the designer, and the number of each item.