Twisted expectations

Pattern Making | Fashion Design | Sewing | Sketching | Social Commentary

Based on the art exhibition, Pattern Language: Clothing as Communicator, I created an ensemble and utilized unexpected materials to communicate "how clothing shapes, covers, and even sometimes undoes us" in relation to human identity, needs and desires. This piece focuses on the complex inter”play” of opposing forces, such as sex and chastity, childhood and adulteration, and violence and peace that govern women’s lives in American society. The twister board skirt and midcentury design represents childhood, chastity, and motherhood, while the corset represents the expectation of sex appeal as well as the adulteration of the former through violence and microagressions against women. The handbag constructed from the game spinner superimposed with images of violence, money, drugs, and commodification elucidates the many number of issues shaping women’s lives in our current milieu. These complexities are easily represented through this piece because, just like a dress, women “wear” these experiences and expectations every day. 

Prompt: Create a fashion design as a response to the art exhibition "Clothing as Communicator."

Weisman Art Museum | University of Minnesota | Instructor: Diane Katsiafikas | Organza, Duct Tape, Crinoline, Twister Board| Timeline: 2 weeks

Chosen as the best design from the class, so it was entered into the senior fashion show.